“Mistborn yazarı, video oyunu yayınlamanın kitap yayınlamaktan daha üstün olduğunu söylüyor.”

Brandon Sanderson, a renowned author of fantasy novels, has recently commented on the way video games are sold at different price points with unique special editions. He expressed his admiration for this aspect, claiming that the way video games are marketed is superior to that of books.

According to Sanderson, the video game industry understands the importance of offering fans exclusive content and special editions that cater to their preferences. He believes that this is a key factor in keeping gamers engaged and invested in the industry.

The concept of exclusive content and special editions is not new in the video game industry. It has become a common practice for games to offer different bundles, including additional content, merchandise, and other perks.

However, in the world of publishing, this is not the case. Books typically come in one standard edition, with no additional content or rewards offered to readers. Sanderson believes that this approach is outdated and that the publishing industry could learn a thing or two from how video games are marketed.

In conclusion, Sanderson’s comments shed light on the importance of marketing and offering unique content to keep fans invested in any industry. As technology advances, it is important for companies to understand the value of catering to their customers’ preferences and offering them exclusive content and experiences.

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