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Vagabond: Procedurally Generated Living Worlds

If you’re a fan of sandbox RPGs, then you’ll want to keep an eye on Vagabond, a 2D RPG developed and published by Pierre Vigier. With its release date set for May 1st, 2023, Vagabond promises a unique experience where you can explore vast procedurally generated living worlds, meet hundreds of characters, complete quests, craft powerful items, buy and furnish your home, or fight monsters in dungeons.

Blending elements of traditional role-playing games with the freedom of sandbox-style games, Vagabond invites you to forge your destiny and become a famous treasure hunter, the best blacksmith in the whole country, or a benefactor by helping the villagers who need you. The choice is yours.

Features of Vagabond

Explore Procedurally Generated Worlds: Each world is unique and yours to write a new story. Travel across many different biomes, each with their own riches and dangers.

Harvest Valuable Resources: Cut down trees in forests, mine veins in caves, tend crops in your garden, or hunt monsters and wild animals.

Meet the Villagers: In Vagabond, worlds are not deserted, they are populated by many villages. Meet the villagers, discover their stories and customs, help them solve their problems, and become a respected member of the community.

Join Guilds: Complete perilous missions and learn new secret skills. Meet the different skill masters in villages and learn how to craft powerful items from your resources.

Craft Powerful Items: Forge dangerous weapons and strong armors at the forge, brew potions, enchant your equipment, and craft powerful magical artifacts at the wizard’s laboratory, sew beautiful clothes at the tailor shop, or craft furniture to furnish your home at the carpentry workshop.

Explore Ruins and Caves: Explore ruins buried in the desert, temples lost in the jungle, or caves full of underground creatures.

Fight Monsters: Fight your way with the point of your sword, defeat many monsters, and bring back fabulous treasures from your travels.

Multiplayer: Share your adventures with your friends with networked multiplayer (through LAN or the Internet).


1. When will Vagabond be released?
Vagabond is set to be released on May 1st, 2023.

2. Who is the developer and publisher of Vagabond?
Pierre Vigier is both the developer and publisher of Vagabond.

3. What type of game is Vagabond?
Vagabond is a 2D sandbox RPG with procedurally generated living worlds.

4. Can I explore different biomes in Vagabond?
Yes, Vagabond features many different biomes, each with their own riches and dangers.

5. Is multiplayer supported in Vagabond?
Yes, Vagabond was designed from the ground up to support multiplayer through LAN or the Internet.

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