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About This Game: Suffer the Night


“Don’t play the game. Burn it. Destroy it. When you see him, it’s already too late.” – Farewell note, author unknown.

SUFFER THE NIGHT is a first-person survival horror game that takes place in the year 1989. The game is set in a small town called Sleepy Woods, where a powerful and terrifying storm has descended upon the county. As lightning strikes, an ominous envelope appears at your front door, which is the gateway to your nightmares. The game offers a bone-chilling blend of nostalgia and fear as you delve into the dark world of SUFFER THE NIGHT. Can you escape the pale man’s grasp, or will you fall victim to the horrors within?

Horror Beyond Comprehension

Boot up the text-based dungeon crawler “game within a game” filled with grisly scenarios and vivid descriptions of the atrocities within. Flex your old-school gaming muscles to progress within the stories, both inside the Eldrixon and out.

Don’t Let Him In

While playing through the floppy disk game, the mysterious figure who delivered it isn’t shy about making his presence known. Be sure to address any interruptions he causes or suffer the consequences.

A Chilling Combination

Suffer the Night expertly weaves two genres of horror games into one, balancing the chilling anxiety of a text-based adventure with the dread and suspense of a first-person survival horror.

The Source Of The Nightmare

Dive deeper into the game than you ever thought possible, and face nightmarish creatures head-on as you descend into the depths of Mr Tops’ twisted world.

Developer and Publisher

Suffer The Night is developed by Tainted Pact and published by Assemble Entertainment. The game is set to release on April 17, 2023.


What type of game is Suffer the Night?

Suffer the Night is a first-person survival horror game that combines elements of text-based dungeon crawlers with a first-person survival horror game.

When is the game set to release?

The game is set to release on April 17, 2023.

What are the popular user-defined tags for this game?

The popular user-defined tags for Suffer the Night include Horror, Survival Horror, Atmospheric, Mystery, Puzzle, Typing, Action, Adventure, Action-Adventure, 3D Platformer, FPS, 2D, 3D Pixel Graphics, 1980s, 1990’s, Lovecraftian, Psychological Horror, Survival, and Thriller.

Is there a free chapter of Suffer the Night available?

Yes, players can play chapter one of Suffer the Night for free.

What languages is the game available in?

The game is available in English, German, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

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