“Gökbey Helikopteri’nin Yerli Motoruyla Gökyüzüne Yükselin!”

TUSAŞ Gökbey helicopter, developed by TEI-TS1400 turbo shaft engine, made its first flight. The helicopter, with two pilots on board, took off for a short distance and landed back on the runway. President of Defense Industries İsmail Demir shared the footage of Gökbey’s flight with the domestic engine on Twitter. The flight was recorded from the air by the camera of Aksungur UAV, which flies with the domestic TEI-PD170 engine.

The TEI-TS1400 turbo shaft engine produces 1400 horsepower during takeoff and can generate up to 1660 horsepower under suitable conditions. With a service ceiling of 20,000 feet and an output shaft speed of 23,000 rpm, the engine stands out.

Designed for civilian and military purposes, the Gökbey helicopter can operate in harsh weather conditions, high altitude, high temperature, day and night. It can perform tasks such as VIP, cargo, air ambulance, search and rescue, and offshore transportation with its wide range of missions, easy maintenance, and spacious interior cabin.

It is planned that Gökbey will make its first manned flight test with the domestic TEI-TS1400 engine later this year. Gökbey, with a total takeoff weight of 6 tons, a passenger capacity of 12, a maximum speed of 306 km/h, a service ceiling of 20,000 feet, and a flight time of 3.8+ hours, can stay in the air for 5+ hours with an external fuel tank and reach a maximum range of 948 kilometers.

TEI-TS1400 Technical Specifications

Takeoff Power (Sea Level Static): 1400 shp

Single Engine Power (Sea Level Static): 1660 shp

Power to Weight Ratio: 8.54 (shp)/(kg)

Service Ceiling: 20,000 ft

Output Shaft Speed: 23,000 rpm

Gökbey Helicopter Technical Specifications

Length (with rotors turning): 15.87 m

MTOW: 6050 kg

Maximum Cruise Speed: 306 km/h

Service Ceiling: 6069 m

Range: 740 km (948 km with external fuel)

Flight Time: 3.8+ Hours (5+ hours with external fuel)

Main Rotor Diameter: 13.20 m

Standard Fuel Tank: 1020 kg

External Fuel Tank: 280 kg

Baggage Volume: 1.1 m3

Crew: 2

Passenger: 12

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