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Tactical Plants w/ Post-Plant Positioning

DustII A Site Tactical Plants

Long Box Plant

Most people plant for long in front of the barrel on DustII’s A Site.

But how about an even better long plant that is very hard to defuse?

This plant on the MIDDLE of the box allows you to watch the bomb from long A, and forces the CTs to climb on the box to defuse, making it very very easy to play the bomb.

The risk with this plant is how exposed you are when planting, but the reward is huge. If you could pull this plant off in a 1v1 there’s no way you should be losing.

Play this plant from short or long.

Catwalk Plant

When people plant for short or goose, they usually plant right up against the boxes, why?

The bombsite extends further out and so you can actually plant it for far more positions by noting this.

Plant the bomb as far out from the corner of the site as you can, giving your teammates options to watch from short, goose and even A ramp.

This plant is far superior to the normal short plant because it is so open and not only visible from short, but effectively a whole 270 degrees.

So I recommend planting out further on the catwalk rather than in the common spot by the boxes.

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