Galaxy Z Fold 5, normal insanların ilgisini çekecek ilk Samsung katlanabilir telefon

Galaxy Z Fold 5: Samsung’s Easiest Tablet-Style Folding Phone to Recommend

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is finally official now, and although it doesn’t break any new ground, many of you will be glad to find out Samsung’s 5th gen large foldable is the company’s easiest tablet-style folding phone to recommend (by a long shot).

Reasons to Consider the Galaxy Z Fold 5

The relatively tiny upgrades found in the Galaxy Z Fold 5 seem to add up, and make it a bitter-sweet but easy recommendation. It’s thin and light, has a very good camera system, and offers the best software experience in the world of foldables.

Alternatives to the Galaxy Z Fold 5

The only reason you might want to avoid the Galaxy Z Fold 5 are the upcoming global versions of the Honor Magic V2 (if you live in the UK or Europe), or the OnePlus Open foldable (for our American audience). The Pixel Fold is not considered a competitor in terms of hardware quality.

The First “Normal” Tablet-Style Foldable in Samsung’s Galaxy

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is now thin and light enough, finally breaking the barrier of being considered thick and heavy. It offers a powerful camera system and unmatched software support and experience in the world of foldables.

The Feel of the Galaxy Z Fold 5

The Fold 5 is not the thinnest or lightest foldable around, but it is thinner than anything else Samsung has made. The new hinge allows it to close completely flat, making it feel much thinner and more comfortable to use.

A “Normal” Phone Experience

Compared to the Honor Magic V2, the Fold 5 does not feel like a completely “normal” phone. However, it is not much thicker or heavier than a Galaxy S23 Ultra with a case on, so it does come close to a “normal” phone experience.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5: The King of Folding Phone Software

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 sets the bar for software support and experience in the world of foldables. With four years of Android OS updates and five years of security patches, it is the longest-supported folding phone on the market.

Powerful Software Features

The Fold 5 offers powerful software features that other folding phones lack. Samsung DeX turns it into a productivity powerhouse, and multitasking capabilities allow for running multiple apps in split screen mode.

Refined Task Bar

Samsung’s implementation of a task bar in the Fold 5 is more refined than other folding phones, allowing for faster app switching.

Samsung’s Cameras on the Galaxy Z Fold 5

While the camera is not a reason to buy the Galaxy Z Fold 5, Samsung has made significant progress in the camera department. It offers improved video quality and dependable photos, especially with tweaked camera settings.

Video Quality and Night Time Performance

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is expected to have the best video quality among foldables and performs well in low light conditions thanks to Samsung’s image processing. It also excels in HDR and portrait mode.

Zooming Capability

Zooming is not a problem with the Fold 5’s camera, which competes with the Pixel Fold’s camera.

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