Google I/O 2023 Canlı Yayını: Pixel 7a ve Pixel Fold Tanıtıldı!

Google Pixel Event Announcements

Pixel Fold Preview

The Pixel Fold has been announced and we have all the preliminary information you need including design, display, and processor. Stay tuned for our full review once we get our hands on the device.

Pixel 7a Preview

We’ve taken a deep dive into all the features, hardware, and improvements on Google’s next mid-ranger in our Pixel 7a preview article. When we get to test the phone, we’ll also give you our expertise opinion in a full review. Stay tuned for that!

Pixel Fold Camera, Battery, and Colors

If you’re curious and looking into getting Google’s first foldable, check out our Pixel Fold camera and Pixel Fold battery articles. We also take a deep dive into the Pixel Fold colors to help you choose the best one for you.

Pixel 7a Features

If you’re interested in the Pixel 7a, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Pixel 7a camera and our Pixel 7a battery articles to learn more about this phone. And, if you’re wondering which color you should go for, you can also take a look at our Pixel 7a colors article.

Pixel Fold Details

Powered by Tensor G2

The Pixel Fold is powered by the Tensor G2, which combines AI and Android innovation to take foldables to the next level.

Thinnest Phone Yet

The Pixel Fold is the thinnest phone yet by Google and the thinnest foldable on the market. To achieve the thinness, Google redesigned the camera and the hinge.

Tabletop Mode

The Pixel Fold also features a Tabletop mode so you can use the foldable form factor to get better images.

Pixel Tablet

The Pixel Tablet is designed to help in the home, as well as act like a tablet. The device comes with an 11-inch display and a premium design, powered by Tensor G2 for longer battery life and great AI experience.

Android Features

AI Wallpaper

You can use AI to generate a wallpaper for you, choosing whatever you want – those will be completely new and original wallpapers for you!

Magic Compose

Magic Compose is a new feature coming to Google Messages with the help of generative AI. It can help you sound more interesting when you’re chatting.

RCS for Messaging

Google underlines that over 800 million people are using RCS and urges other companies to adopt RCS.

Wear OS and Find My Device

WhatsApp is bringing WhatsApp to WearOS this summer, and a major update is coming to Find My Device experience. Google is also introducing Unknown tracker alerts, that can warn you if you’ve been tracked.

Responsible Approach to AI

Google notes that AI is still an emerging technology and underlines the importance of keeping a responsible approach while still pushing for innovation.

Duet AI and Google Cloud

Access to Models for Enterprises and Businesses

Customers will be able to train, fine-tune, and run their own models with enterprise-grade security and privacy, explains Google. So, businesses and enterprises can now use the power of AI to improve their work.

Pixel Fold FAQs

1. When will the Pixel Fold be available for pre-order?

The Pixel Fold is available for pre-order now, with shipping starting next month.

2. What is the price for the Pixel Fold?

The price for the Pixel Fold is currently undisclosed.

3. What is Tabletop mode on the Pixel Fold?

Tabletop mode is a feature that allows users to use the foldable form factor to get better images.

4. What is Tensor G2?

Tensor G2 is a combination of AI and Android innovation that powers the Pixel Fold.

5. Is the Pixel Fold water-resistant?

Yes, the Pixel Fold has an IPX8 water-resistant design.

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